WA Department Commerce Staff Only

To access Citrix from home or a remote location click this link and it will launch Citrix. If you are in the office, click here or type https://comstorefront.com.wa.lcl/ in your browser.

Most Citrix problems are fixed by installing the latest Citrix Client. If you have a Commerce device and are having issues with Citrix, please contact the Commerce Customer Services. Otherwise, if you are experiencing issues with Citrix on a non-Commerce device, you can try installing the latest Citrix client by clicking this link. You may have to uninstall the old version.

Should you need detailed instructions they are available here. Click on the type of device you are using for step-by-step directions with screenshots. Uninstall and reinstall the Citrix Client. If you are having trouble, first run the Citrix Receiver Clean-Up Utility (Windows only), then go through the regular Citrix setup as indicated in the instructions.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions.

For additional assistance contact Commerce Customer Service at 360-725-2676 or via email at comcustserv@commerce.wa.gov

Commerce and staff are not responsible for computer devices unless these devices are owned and provided to the employee by Commerce. Commerce cannot help you fix home PCs or other personal devices. Commerce provides this website and fixes to help you resolve issues related to getting Citrix working. If following any recommendation causes your device to not work correctly, or become inoperable, it is not Commerce nor Commerce staff responsibility to fix. Use at your own risk.