WA Department Commerce Staff Only

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Citrix XenApp?
Citrix XenApp allows Commerce employees to access their applications remotely including access to network drives and internal files.

Does it cost extra?
Yes. Get approval from your supervisor and contact the helpdesk (Commerce Customer Services) to purchase and use Citrix. Outlook Web App is available for no additional fee which gives employees access to email.

Does Citrix require something be installed on my computer?
Yes, you must have the latest citrix client and a web browser in order to use Citrix. Download Latest Client.

How can I get access to full Oultook application from my home or other remote location?
You can logon to Citrix to have full Outlook just like your workstation. You must have a Citrix account to use Citrix.

How do I get a Citrix RSA key fob?
Get approval from your supervisor and contact the helpdesk (Commerce Customer Services). There is a cost associated with using Citrix.

What is a Citrix RSA key fob?
Here is a picture of a RSA key fob

I messed up on my password 3 times what do I do?
Wait 30 minutes and your account will automatically reset. If during normal business hours, you can call the helpdesk and they will unlock your account.

I messed up my logon password or passcode once what do I do?
Please wait until a new number comes up on the key fob before trying to logon again.

I'm able to logon but my apps do not show up.
Uninstall and reinstall the Citrix Client. Download Latest Client

I get a popup that says "Do I want to open or save citrix.ica."
Uninstall and reinstall the Citrix Client. First run the Citrix Receiver Clean-Up Utility (Windows only), then go through the regular Citrix setup as indicated in the instructions.

Still need assistance contact Commerce Customer Service at 360-725-2676 or via email at comcustserv@commerce.wa.gov

Commerce and staff are not responsible for computer devices unless these devices are owned and provided to the employee by Commerce. Commerce cannot help you fix home PCs or other personal devices. Commerce provides this website and fixes to help you resolve issues related to getting Citrix working. If following any recommendation causes your device to not work correctly, or become inoperable, it is not Commerce nor Commerce staff responsibility to fix. Use at your own risk.